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Brilinta vs Plavix

Brilinta vs Plavix. Brilinta (ticagrelor) and Plavix (clopidogrel) are two alternatives for treating blood clots. Blood clots can form clusters and obstruct coronary blood flow in people with the acute coronary syndrome (ACS) or a history of myocardial infarction (MI, also known as a heart attack). To prevent a heart attack or stroke, medications like Brilinta or Plavix can ensure proper blood flow around the heart.

Plavix and Brilinta are P2Y12 inhibitors, blood thinners, or antiplatelet medicines. Both medications function as P2Y12 receptor antagonists, preventing platelets and blood clots from forming by blocking this receptor. If you have experienced an ACS episode, you might have to take these medications daily for at least a year after the recent episode.

Although Brilinta is generally thought to be a more effective medication, there are some notable differences between the two drugs’ side effects and dosage.

What is Brilinta?

Brilinta is the brand name of the generic drug ticagrelor. Although a generic version has been authorized, it has yet to be marketed. As a result, this medication may cost more than Plavix or other comparable medicines like Effient (Prasugrel).

Based on the American Heart Association (AHA) and American College of Cardiology (ACC), Brilinta is a preferred treatment for individuals with ACS. Brilinta has a reversible mode of action and acts more quickly. It also offers better platelet inhibition and patient outcomes similar to Plavix.

Along with a regular aspirin, Brilinta is taken as a tablet twice daily.

What is Plavix?

Meanwhile, Plavix is the brand name of clopidogrel. Plavix, in contrast to Brilinta, is a generic medication. In general, generic Plavix is less expensive compared to Brilanta.

Like Brilinta, Plavix is also taken with aspirin to reduce the risk of ACS. Plavix is taken once daily.

Note: Some individuals may be regarded as poor Plavix metabolizers due to genetic differences in specific liver enzymes. Poor CYP2C19 metabolizers cannot correctly process Plavix and may require a different medication.

Standard Dosage


180 mg is the initial loading dose. 90 mg twice daily for the next year following an ACS occurrence and then 60 milligrams twice daily after that.


An initial loading dose of 300 mg. Then, 75 mg once daily.

Which drug works better: Brilinta or Plavix?

Brilinta and Plavix have been proven to reduce the chance of developing cardiac issues following a heart attack, stroke, or other heart disease-related events. Clinical studies have nonetheless revealed that Brilinta is superior to Plavix in terms of efficacy.

According to the PPoppins trial, a double-blind, randomized clinical investigation, Brilinta has a lower rate of cardiovascular death than Plavix.

Death from vascular causes, heart attacks, or stroke occurred in 9.8% of participants using Brilinta after 12 months of treatment, compared to 11.7% of those getting Plavix. However, after examining the study’s outcomes, PPoppins researchers discovered that the Brilinta group experienced more specific bleeding events than the Plavix group.

Brilinta vs. Plavix common side effects

Bleeding is the most frequent side effect of Brilinta and Plavix. Superficial bruises, bleeding gums, and nosebleeds are examples of minor bleeding. Meanwhile, internal bleeding, blood in the stool or urine, and vomiting are major bleeding occurrences. If you encounter significant bleeding, you should seek emergency medical help.

Other side effects of Brilinta and Plavix are the following:

  • shortness of breath (dyspnea)
  • dizziness
  • nausea


Can I use Brilinta or Plavix while pregnant?

Data are insufficient to establish the safety of Brilinta and Plavix during pregnancy conclusively. Unless their advantages outweigh their hazards, these medications are typically not advised. Discuss your options for treatment while pregnant with your doctor

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