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Dive into Border Free Health’s new Rewards Program: earn points on birthdays, product orders, reviews, friend referrals, and more! Enjoy your medication at unparalleled discounts while reaping rewards for every step you take with us.


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BorderFreeHealth’s Loyalty Program is designed to make accumulating rewards points seamless and fulfilling. Begin your experience with an instant 50 points for simply setting up an account or commemorating your birthday. For every dollar you spend, earn a point, and look forward to a special 250-point bonus on your third order. Connect with us on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to earn additional points. Furthermore, contributing a review or celebrating the anniversary of your account each earns you 50 points. With BorderFreeHealth, each interaction is a step towards concrete rewards that can be applied on your next online order

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50 points

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Celebrate your birthday

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100 points

Every 3rd online order

250 points

Write a review

50 points

And many others

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Refer a friend

BorderFreeHealth’s referral program rewards both you and your friends. Refer a friend to us, and upon their successful joining, both of you get 100 points. This is our thank-you for growing our community and starting off on a rewarding note.

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100 points

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100 points

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Any site that offers you medication without a prescription or based on a remote consultation will likely be gone tomorrow. With Border Free Health, you are sure to receive generics which are produced by Canada and India’s top rated manufacturers.

It is permitted to buy non controlled substance medication for personal use online. Please read the FDA memo for more information on personal importation of medication.

Generic medication is simply a medication that has been manufactured by a different company, rather than the company who originally held the patent on the product. Generic medications work in the exact same manner as brand name medications and are bio-equivalent to their brand name counterparts. Generic versions of medications cost far less because they invest less money on marketing.

India & Turkey have one of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturing industries in the world! In fact, many of these companies are doing contract manufacturing for the North American market, and therefore their facilities are FDA approved. We source our medications only from the top-rated manufacturers who follow GMP guidelines, and produce their medicine in world-class manufacturing facilities. All of the Indian generic medications we sell are approved by the World Health Organization, Pepfar, and the Indian FDA.

Prescriptions are valid for one year or until the refills authorized have been exhausted.

We can send up to a 90 day supply at one time. Ordering a 90 day supply saves on shipping and allows your to have a larged amount of medicaiton on hand at one time.