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Lotemax vs Alrex

Lotemax vs Alrex. Lotemax is manufactured by Bausch + Lomb. It is available as a 0.5% ophthalmic solution, 0.5% ophthalmic ointment, and 0.5% ophthalmic gel.

The 0.5% suspension is also approved for treating other inflammatory eye disorders, including allergies, keratitis, iritis, and certain infections. Meanwhile, all three forms are approved for treating inflammation and pain following eye surgery and are used four times daily.

Another product from Bausch + Lomb is Alrex, approved for temporarily alleviating the signs and symptoms of seasonal allergic conjunctivitis. It is available as a 0.2% ophthalmic suspension. Like Lotemax, it is used four times daily.

Lotemax is prescribed for pain and inflammation following cataract surgery and other inflammatory disorders like iritis and allergic conjunctivitis. It also has a potency of more than twice that of Alrex.


What is Lotemax?

Lotemax, also known by its generic name Loteprednol, is a steroid eye drug used to treat various eye diseases, such as dry eyes following surgery, inflammation, and seasonal allergies.

It belongs to the drug type Corticosteroid and is only available via your doctor’s prescription.

Common Lotemax Dosage

Dry eye disease: Apply 1–2 drops of the 0.25% suspension daily for up to two weeks to each eye.

Eye inflammation: Apply 1–2 drops of the 0.5% suspension to the afflicted eye(s) four times daily. You might need to use it once per hour throughout the first week.

Pain and inflammation following eye surgery:

  • Apply one drop of Lotemax SM (0.38% gel) to the afflicted eye(s) three times per day if using this medication. Start it the day after surgery and keep doing it for two weeks.
  • Apply a half-inch ribbon into the afflicted eye(s) four times daily if using Lotemax 0.5% ointment. Start it the day after surgery and keep doing it for two weeks.
  • If using a gel or suspension with a 0.5% concentration, administer 1–2 drops into the afflicted eye(s) four times daily. Start it the day after surgery and keep doing it for two weeks.
  • When using Inveltys (1% suspension), apply 1–2 drops twice daily to the afflicted eye(s). Begin the day following your surgery and keep up the exercise for two weeks.


What is Alrex?

Alrex is a prescription drug used to treat the eye symptoms of seasonal allergies. It may be taken alone or in combination with other medications.  Alrex belongs to the drug class called Corticosteroids, Ophthalmic.

Common Alrex Dosage

Before using, shake the drug vigorously. Afterwards, instill one drop into the affected eye(s) four times daily.

Lotemax and Alrex Side Effects

The following are the common side effects of Alrex:

  • applying the eye drops may cause some slight stinging or burning,
  • momentary visual blur
  • dry eye
  • eye irritation
  • watery or scratchy eyes
  • sensing a foreign matter in the eye
  • light sensitivity
  • headache
  • stuffy nose
  • sore throat
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